Workshop on Effective Public Speaking by Media Junction

Workshop on Effective Public Speaking by Media Junction
Hyderabad, July 10: Media Junction announces a fresh batch of the most popular Workshop on Effective Public Speaking. The four day workshop will be held from 19th to 22nd July from 6pm to 9.30pm for the first three days and full day on last day i.e 22nd July, 2012.
The classes will be held at Media Junction, Ground Floor 4A, Parthani Towers, Adjacent Usha Mayuri Theatre, Musheerabad, Hyderabad. The classes will be conducted by subject expert and Public Relations and Media Consultant D.Ramchandram, who has many programs to his credit so far.

Media Junction has pioneered this subject eight years ago and since then has run about hundred and fifty plus workshops on this subject which was attended by many Politicians, Teaching Staff, Advocates, IT Consultants, Corporate Executives, Students, Insurance and Sales Professionals and others.

The Confidence that students gain after the program is to be seen to be believed. With the increased confidence, many participants achieved success in their business, got promotions in their jobs or shifted to better jobs, informed Mrs. D.Kalapana, Director of Media Junction.

Public Speaking is not only required to Politicians, but also to everyone in the society. In today’s competitive world every one needs to be a leader. To be a leader one has to be a good communicator. He should be good at speech craft. But, not many of us are good at this art. Everyone of us are afraid of speaking in public. Still, we can’t avoid doing it. Because, we are social animals, we need to face people all through our life. Whether it is a class room, small or big social gathering or business group we need to talk. Excellent communication is a must to impress people and win friends.

The program is the most sought after one. Only 12 people are accommodated per batch. Those interested can reserve their seat in advance on first come first reserved basis by calling on 98488-42471.

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