Visitors Pass must at University of Hyderabad

Visitors Pass must at University of Hyderabad | Security tighten at UoH | Hyderabad Central University Campus e-pass | Central University Hyderabad updates

Hyderabad, July 27: All visitors coming to the University of Hyderabad located in Gachibowli will be issued Visitor’s pass which will have their photo and all other details, with effect from today. With the new Visitor Management System (VMS) coming into place, a visitor coming to UoH is given a pass within a minute of arriving at the counter. This pass will have the visitors photo and details of the person he/she wants to visit. The advantage of having this VMS is that the security will be able to know as to how many visitors have visited the campus in a day as well as how many of them are present in the campus at any given time.

All these visitors are given entry only from the main gate and they have to return the pass at the same gate while leaving the campus. On an average 300-400 visitors come to the University of Hyderabad daily.

The software for this e-pass has been developed by Cognat IT Services, Hyderabad along with the staff of Administration Computer Centre and Security department at the University of Hyderabad.

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