USA likely to restore Tri-Valley student visas, majority students prefers to return to India

Hyderabad, February 7: While the USA Immigration and Customs Enforcement has given indication that they may consider restore the immigration status of those Indian students, who have lost their student visa as result of closure of Tri-Valley University, California.

Many Indian students, a majority number from Andhra Pradesh were caught in trouble after a visa related irregularities unearthed and USA authorities closed the university.

USA investigating agencies tagged Indian students with ankle monitors equipped with a radio frequency device, which had attracted huge uproar across the globe. Owing the diplomatic pressure from Indian and criticism by the civil groups, USA finally changed its mood to restore the visas to the students.

“We received a message from ICE today, in which they indicated that they would consider the possibility of reinstatement of their (students) visa status through I-539,” Susmita Gongulee Thomas, Consul General, Indian Consulate San Francisco, according to a PTI report.

I-539 is the form used by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for visa extension and change of immigration status.

When one is out of the visa status for one reason or the other under a particular law of the US and the individual is not in criminal violation, USCIS may agree to give the reinstatement of his or her status under this form.

Thomas hoped that more details and clarification on this would be available from ICE early next week.

“It seems quite positive that they are willing to consider at least the possibility of reinstating of some of the students,” Thomas said.

Meanwhile, nearly 150 Tri-Valley students turned up for the free legal aid camp organised by the Indian Consulate in San Francisco in association with the South Asian Bar Association (SABA). Telugu Association of North America- TANA also negotiating with the various agencies to bail out the Indian students from the crisis.

However, several reports suggesting that the depressed by the series of events, majority Indian students opting to come back India, instead of continuing their education in USA.

Compiled from News Papers and Agencies

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