US Visitor Visas | US Consulate General Hyderabad | Interviews Exclusively on March 21 for Andhra Pradesh and Orissa applicants

Hyderabad, March 9:  The U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad has set aside Monday, March 21 to interview citizens from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa who want to visit the United States on a tourist visa.

“The Consulate General has in the past set aside days for specific interviews such as Student Visa day and Language Visa day. We hope that many citizens from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa will take this opportunity to apply for their visa to visit the United States,” said Chief of Consular Section, Michael Yoder, in a press note.

Mr. Yoder added that 500 B1/B2 appointments will be scheduled for those who want to visit family, take a holiday, seek medical treatment or participate in short-term business activities such as meetings and conferences.

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