US Tri-Valley University creates hot line for Indian students | US help line for TUV Students 415-844-5320

Hyderabad, January 30: US Immigration and customs enforcement department created a separate hotline to assist the Indian students on the back of closer of Tri-Valley University (TUV). Near about 100 students, majority from Andhra Pradesh caught in trouble as TUV closed its operations.
TUV Students, those who want to approach the USA authorities for the immigration related issues could call US Local number 415-844-5320. Students can also write the email at: mail ID.

Students are pleading the American government to allow them to take admissions in other universities.
Meanwhile, a news report broadcast by TV9, showing the visuals of students who were tagged with radio caller equipment, drawn huge criticism from the government and civil groups.

Indian Government has initiated diplomatic communication on the issue, while condemning the tagging the students. Union Minister V. Ravi asked the officials to act on the issue and talk to the USA authorities.

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