UoH collaborates with the University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy

Hyderabad, September 11: The University of Hyderabad and the University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy, have entered into a MoU for developing research projects, exchange of faculty and students. Under this MoU there are plans to organize academic events such as conferences, seminars etc. Since the University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy, has specialized in teaching Italian as a Foreign Language; the University of Hyderabad will explore the possibility of introducing the same.

The collaboration includes academic exchange, R & D, training & teaching etc. in the areas of international communication, peace studies, science of language, literature, translation, teaching of Italian as a foreign language, cultural studies etc. Any other research project or academic event will be worked out by mutual consent.

The University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy is the oldest Italian institution involved in teaching and research activities as well as in the diffusion of the Italian language and civilization. It was founded in 1925. It represents a unique multiethnic and multilingual laboratory, a free territory in which different cultures co-exist and dialogue together using Italian language. The University is carrying out teaching activity and scientific research with the purpose of knowing and spreading the Italian language and culture. It is also specialized in International Communication and Advertising.

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