Tsunami Warning to India, 27 other countries | INCOIS issues alert

Tsunami Warning to India, 27 other countries | INCOIS issues alert | Earth Quake at Sumatra, Indonesia | alert for Andhra, Tamil Nadu coast | Tsunami Alert | Tsunami News

Hyderabad, April 11: Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services issued an alert potential Tsunami threat for 28 countries including Indian coast today. The alert was issued after a deep sea earth quake of 8.7 magnitude on Richter scale was reported at West coast of Northern Sumatra.

“Earthquakes of this size sometimes have potential to generate tsunamis. However, so far there is no confirmation about the triggering of a tsunami. An investigation is under way to determine if a tsunami has been triggered. ITEWC will monitor sea level gauges and report if any tsunami wave activity has occurred. Based on pre-run model scenarios, the zones listed below are POTENTIALLY UNDER THREAT, INCOIS said in its latest bulletin.
While Andaman & Nicobar Iceland were put under Warning threat status, Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu were put on high alert.

In a latest alert issued by Ocean Information Centre, The Tsunami Warning on Andaman was scaled down. However, an alert was extended to Odisha, Kerala, Lakshwadeep.

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