Tri Valley University Visa Scam | US to review India’s request on students

Tri Valley University Visa Scam | US to review India’s request on students

Hyderabad, October 27: It may not be immediate relief, but there is some sort of positive news for the students of Tri Valley University. The US authorities reportedly reviewing the request sent by the Indian Diplomat in US Nirupama Rao to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking the US to consider Indian students case in a fair and reasonable manner.

Try Valley University, claimed as recognized university in US has applied for students visa on behalf of Indian students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh and admitted them in the university. But, US immigration authorities later detected that the Tri Valley University is fake and admissions are in valid and termed it as visa scam.

Nearly 1,500 students were suffering since 10 months and 85 per cent of them are from Andhra Pradesh.

Adding more pain to the students, the US officials fixed radio tags to the Tri Valley students, which has created a huge up roar among the world human rights community.

The Tri Valley University was closed in January and US officials are trying to find out a solution and place the Indian students in an alternative place.

At least 1,500 students were got approval to transfer to other Universities in US.

Several peoples representatives from India, including external affairs Minister SM Krishna appealed US to help the Indian students and accept their plea to migrate in to the other universities.

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