TIFR Campus to come up in 209 acres land near University of Hyderabad campus

Hyderabad:  After an extensive search in various locations in the country, TIFR finally decided to set up its new campus on a site of 209 acres in the city of Hyderabad. The Government of Andhra Pradesh issued a G.O. on 28 January 2009 allotting this land to TIFR. The site adjoins the University of Hyderabad, with whom TIFR looks forward to a long-lasting academic partnership involving mutually beneficial collaborations. An MOU outlining a plan for academic links between the two institutions was signed in November 2008 between the University of Hyderabad and TIFR in the presence of the then CM of Andhra Pradesh.
The new campus will have a thrust centered on basic research in areas which are as critical to a nation’s progress today as nuclear science was in the 1950s. The national and international scene is of course very different in 2010. But, as was the case then, there are areas of basic science intimately linked to the major concerns of the times such as, for example, health, energy, and communication. Research related to these themes is seeing world-wide progress at an ever increasing rate. The country needs a strong base in these areas to successfully create knowledge, and contribute to and compete in the new developments. This venture requires a careful choice of areas and faculty, and a commitment to attract and train a large number of talented and motivated research students at an advanced level. The thrust cannot be in isolation – it must both add value to and draw strength from educational, research, and development programmes in other institutions, including but by no means limited to those in the TIFR system.
In the initial years the science at the new centre is intended to focus on themes carefully chosen within and across Optical Science, Condensed Matter, Materials and Chemistry, and the Life Sciences, or in other words, “Light, Matter and Life”. Each of these themes is of great contemporary importance, and the institute is well placed to develop them on a significant scale with high impact. Importantly, these themes have close interconnections with each other. Moreover, they are closely linked to areas of health, energy and communication mentioned above. Therefore a strong linkage with potential applications will be built in from the start.

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