Roboveda at Sreenidhi Institute of Technology

Hyderabad, November 11: Innovation and dynamism are the two phenomena which are leading the world today, said Y.Srinivas Reddy, the Technical Director of Bevecon said here today.
Participating as chief guest at “Roboveda” organized by Robotics club of Sreenidhi Engineering college, Reddy said The knowledge growth is exponential as the increasing knowledge in the last 30 years is equal to the total knowledge gained in the last 5000 years.
At least 800 Participants from various Engineering colleges in the state are participating in the event. Few Robos which were displayed are ROBOTIC ARM,SCOCCER, F1 RACING ROBOT, LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT, GLIDER, TREE CLIMBER, SELF PROGRAM TOO AND FRO ROBOT etc.
Reddy said, In the recent International conference conducted, societal issues and sustainability was attended by youth from Harvard, Standford, Berkley, London school of Economics etc. It is very heartening to note that many of them are Indians.
He was of the view that more and more brain power be utilized and we have to be effective and efficient in our tasks. He quoted today a Maruthi car is coming out of the assembly line within 50 seconds and sophisticated bypass surgery operations are being carried out with robots.He commended Roboveda organizers for providing an exposure to the students to the practical aspects of Robotics.
Mr.Narendra Gannavarapu, HR Executive of M/s.Wipro Information Technologies mentioned about the sacrifices being made by an elderly person such as Mr.Annahazare for values and common good. He said liberalization and mobilization is helping our country to become one of the largest developing economies in the World.Money alone should not play a path in the development of an individual. Students must develop network during the meets like this.
Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy, Executive Director, Dr.P.S.R.Murty, I/c Principal, Dr.T.Ch.Siva Reddy, Convenor and others have taken part in the inaugural function.

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