RIL ALP | Reliance Industries to recruit high end professionals for finance, procurement, HR and IT

Hyderabad, March 6: Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has launched a special program called Accelerated Leadership Programme (ALP) designed to develop a highly skilled and performance-oriented cadre which will take up very senior positions in the organisation over the next few years, according to a report published by PTI.

The ALP, launched very recently, is open to professionals in the age-group of 27-34 and will include talent not only from within Reliance but also from other organisations and across geographies, report said quoting a company spokesperson.
The need for such a leadership cadre stems from the fact that Reliance has grown extremely rapidly in the last decade and is set to replicate the same scorching pace of growth going forward as well.

Since 2001, Reliance has increased its turnover 10 times and today, with over USD 44-billion in turnover and over USD 78-billion in market capitalisation, is amongst the largest companies in the world.

“Reliance is committed to maintaining this scorching pace of growth–for its shareholders, and above all, for India,” the company website said.

And as the company pursues its next phase of growth, the ALP would form the heart of this initiative, the company said.

The company is at pains to distinguish the ALP from other normal ‘management training programmes’ describing it as “a programme for experienced and high-performing professionals between 27 and 34 years of age, professionals who are truly capable and passionate about working in high-growth businesses. “The ALP would comprise a hands-on, two-year leadership experience that has “no parallel”, the company said, adding it is aimed at developing a high-calibre leadership, which will lead Reliance in the future. “We are looking to attract and develop leaders of the highest calibre who will lead Reliance to the forefront of global leadership in all our businesses,” the spokesperson said.

In the initial phase, RIL is looking for professionals in the realms of finance (including M&As), procurement, HR and IT. Later, a select group of professionals would also join through the ALP route for other functions and businesses, it said. Apart from the age criteria, candidates for the ALP must have an engineering degree or be an MBA or hold any other professional degree, be “highly entrepreneurial or self-driven” and have at least one-year relevant experience in any of the above-mentioned four functions. “Over four-years of total work experience is strongly preferred,” it said.

The recruitment process will last up till July. Short listed applicants will appear for a short, specially designed personality and business aptitude assessment and successful candidates will be invited for interviews with Reliance HR leaders and respective functional leaders, it said. Successful candidates will enjoy a “branding for life” as this program will have a very low acceptance percentage and selection will earmark one as a high-potential professional.

“Besides, the world-class exposure and training you receive as part of the ALP will distinguish you from your peers going forward. The ALP will be amongst the most sought after development experiences for high-potential professionals not only in India, but globally as well,” the website said. As a clincher, it added, “in keeping with the exclusivity of the programme, the ALP offers best-in-class compensation.”

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