Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu Update | AP CM asks all departments to meet target for RYK job Creation

Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu Update | AP CM asks all departments to meet target for RYK job Creation | REEMAP | Skilled Jobs | MEPMA | Jobs and Training in AP

Hyderabad, June 30: The Chief Minister today called upon the all Departments and officials to work with renewed commitment and achieve the targets set under Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu (RYK). “It’s an ambitious programme we have taken up on top priority. We have to achieve the targets. We should be proud that we are doing a good job. We will achieve the targets. We are committed. I am confident about it. We have to show employment to the youth, We have to show them the direction. We have to fine tune the programme with the changing time”.

The REEMAP officials assured the Chief Minister that the target of employment for the youth under RYK programme will be achieved.

The Chief Minister today had a detailed review of the RYK programme with Ministers and officials at Secretariat.

The Chief Minister said hereafter he will be touring the districts and might stay in each district for 2 to 3 days to review and monitor different programmes. He would use this opportunity to interact with the people undergoing training and also those who are employed under the Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu. He asserted that funds will not be a problem at all as far as training for the youth is concerned. The Chief Minister said “our aim is to find employment for 2,000 persons a day. We have to achieve the target of 5 lakh employment and systems must be in place. We have to perform better. I will have review of the programme every month and the Chief Secretary will review the programme every 15 days”.

The Chief Minister called upon the departments to concentrate on rural areas, minorities, fisheries and sectors like oil palm etc. He said we have to find the gap between our academic courses and employability and fill that gap by proper training and skill development. He said banks should be directed to loan the self-employment in a big way.

The Chief Minister said each Sub-mission should have a dedicated nodal officer who will be responsible for better results and coordination. He should be a professional and should liaison with the MD, REEMAP.

Officials explained to the Chief Minister that as far as Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM)–approach to 2012-13 is concerned, 46 Training partners were empanelled, there is plan is to establish about 700 training centers with 50,000 training capacity by July 2012 and mobilisation of large scale youth through SHGs in close coordination with SERP.

As far as MEPMA is concerned, 44 Training partners were empanelled and 51 courses identified, Orientation to TLF President & Secretaries conducted for creation of awareness about the programme in the month of April & May, 2012. The Action Plan for April to June 2012 – 2,000; July to September – 40,000; October to December 2012 – 50,000; January to March 2013 – 10,300 and total Trainings – 1,02,300.

Key Initiatives of Rajiv Education and Employment Mission in Andhra Pradesh (REEMAP) are sub-mission focussed and are Rapid assessment of training centers and Brainstorming with Mission heads on improving & quality of training centers, Targets are allotted to Sub-missions, communicated to all districts, placed on RYK Portal, State Level Workshop in April to kick start activity in the new Financial Year, Sub-Mission & district level workshops are under progress, Trainings/orientation to state & district level staff–quality issues, Workshop for Training Partners are conducted to emphasise quantitative and quality aspects, funds are released and IEC Material issued.

Other Common services of REEMAP are Common portal for all Sub-missions developed, Issued RYK process guidelines & user manual, SDF is made operational, third Party evaluation & Post placement tracking system have been set up, Strengthening Bio-metric attendance system, Streamlining Franchisee system and training centres, Partnership with Industry in training & placement, Held sectoral meetings with Industries-Textiles, Pharma, IT, BPO, Hospitality, Retail, Tourism etc, National Workshop proposed in August, 2012 and Skill Gap study sponsored by NSDC is under progress.

The prospective initiatives are Standardization of courses & defining minimum skill sets, Testing/evaluation of candidates & certification, Job inventory, Establish of Multi – Skill Schools, Dialogue with Industries & institutions to establish model skill training institutions, Support / take up training of trainers and Awareness campaign are to be conducted.

The REEMAP Partners are GMR Varalaxmi Foundation, GVK Foundation, TVS Training Services, Krishnapatnam Security Services Ltd, Krishnapatnam Driver Training Academy, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, National Academy of Construction, Swamy Ramanand Tirtha Rural Institute and Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology.

The Partner’s Strengths are Good infrastructure that includes Classrooms, labs, and residential accommodation, Laboratories equipped with latest machinery, equipment etc., most of the training is lab-based / hands-on with relevant internships, Course ware is scientifically designed with requisite illustrations, study material, and audio/visual content, Major part of instruction – lab based; hands-on / internships etc, Trainers are qualified, well trained, Soft skills are invariably part of training irrespective of course and Continuous evaluation is part of instruction, leading to certification which is industry accepted.

The Salient Features of Partnership are to establish model training institutions and the Partner will look after Industry / Training Institute spares its Training infrastructure and defrays part of the cost, Delivers training, placement and post-placement functions and Evaluation and certification. REEMAP will take care of Picks up the balance cost and Mobilization of candidates through Sub-Missions.

New Courses:

The New Courses Being Piloted are Emergency Room Technician, Small Hospital Coordinator, Front Office Assistant (Hospital), Insurance and Corporate Billing Assistant (Hospital), Cafeteria Assistant (Hospital), Firemen, Security Guards – course (3 months) covers security protocols and physical conditioning and Garment construction supervisors. The Chief Minister suggested inclusion of health related skill development initiatives including training for nurses. The Chief Minister directed that employment opportunities for higher education level youth particularly engineering graduates should be identified and job relevant trainings should be grounded coordinating with IT, Technical Education and Industry departments. Further, the Chief Minister desired that we need to restructure the curriculum and start new courses relevant to the industry as a long term strategy.

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