Prometric CAT 2011 for IIM | Video on computer based testing procedure

Hyderabad, August 2:  After 30 years, in 2010 Common Admission Test was converted in to a computer based test from paper based test. CAT is admission test to get admission in to the Indian Institute of Management’s in India and Prometric is the implanting agency. Last year around 200,000 students were registered for CAT test across the country. Though there were some technical glitches initially, overall, the first test went smoothly. Taking note of the earlier experiences on CAT, Prometric has made required arrangements to host the test. This video link, made available on You Tube, is aimed to provide an idea on CAT computer based test and show a demo, how the CAT test environment would look like. Though technical and physical infrastructure is a big challenge for smooth conduct of the test, Prometric this time also gearing up to take the task.

For basic information on CAT 2011 Computer based Test, watch this video.

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