NIIT launches Google certified ‘Advanced Online Advertising’ program for online advertising, marketing professionals

Hyderabad: Leading IT training company NIIT Ltd today announced the launch of a specialty course designed to meet the current requirements for online advertising and marketing requirements. The course ‘Advanced Online Advertising’ program for advertising and marketing professionals was designed in association with search and online advertising major Google India.
As part of this initiative, NIIT will offer a specially designed training program in online advertising which will be certified by Google.

The program will be delivered by NIIT Imperia using Synchronous Learning Technology. The four months program, certified by Google, will be spread across 13 weeks for smooth learning and better retention of concepts.

The training program in online advertising has been designed and customized to equip the Indian advertising and marketing professional with better understanding of Google’s global advertising program Google ‘AdWords’. The program content and module outline has been designed by experts from Google and will cover all aspects of search engine marketing, measuring and optimising online campaigns.

As a unique feature, the professionals will be pre-allotted advertising budget to formulate live campaigns, so that they have a rich hands- on experience even while they are undergoing training.

The program offered by NIIT and Google will equip marketers with the capability to use the right tools to maximise their brand’s visibility and assess the effectiveness of their  online campaigns.

“This is a strategic tie-up with Google that will enable NIIT to offer structured training program in online advertising and marketing  for the first time in India.  Through this cutting edge training program we hope to create a pool of professionals trained in effective use of the online medium – to ensure that the marketing budget is spent more effectively and measurably, ”  said, Shraman Jha, Head –NIIT Imperia.

Speaking about the need for such an initiative, Sridhar Seshadri head of Online Sales Google India,  said “With over 100 million internet users in the country, online advertising has become a critical part of the marketing mix across companies. We believe the demand of experienced and trained online advertising professional will grow considerably as more and more Indian companies start to advertise online. With NIIT’s pan-India reach and professional world class set up, we are aiming to provide an easy avenue for young marketing and advertising professional to attain the skill set required to excel in their chosen field as online advertising goes mainstream.”

In the first phase the program, Graduates in any discipline with minimum of 2 years of experience will be eligible to apply for the program. After the successful completion of the program, candidates will be awarded with a Google -NIIT Imperia certification.

The program will be available across 17 centres of NIIT across India and will commence on 5th Oct. 2010.

Program highlights:

·         Learn how to maximize your brand’s visibility on SEM.

·         Acquire the capability to assess the effectiveness of your online marketing plans.

·         Understand basics of AdWords and Online Advertising.

·         Acquire hands-on experience of running a campaign with pre-allotted advertising budget.

·         Understand CPC (Cost-per-click) and CPM (Cost-per-impression) advertising models.

·         Master the art of optimizing campaigns.

·         Basic understanding of other Online Advertising products.

·         Acquire joint Google NIIT Imperia Certification.

Source: Press Release

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