Microsoft launches Ed–vantage campus connect program

Microsoft launches Ed–vantage campus connect program | Microsoft to help students to become employable

Hyderabad, October 19, 2012: Global software major Microsoft Corporation through its Indian arm, today announced the launch of a new education resourcing program Microsoft Ed–vantage, aiming to rope in more students and faculty to upgrade skills and become better professionals. The aim of this Microsoft Ed–vantage is also to bring in more technology innovation and capacity building for faculty and students; and making their students more employable.

According to a release by Microsoft India, the program aims to consolidate and enhance the benefits to both academic institutions and students who are leveraging well-established Microsoft programs like Campus Agreements, IT Academy, DreamSpark, Imagine Cup, Student2Business etc. that provide the right software tools to the faculty and students. This program’s primary focus is to make students more employable and equip them with skills relevant to industry needs. It is designed to help eligible academic campuses and their students connect with various organizations in Indian industry, thereby creating a platform for the students to explore internship and employment opportunities.

The importance of providing current, real-world tools to information systems (IS) students at an affordable cost is a challenge many IS educators continue to face. The Microsoft Ed–vantage program is a response to this need and pulls together the core principles of genuine software, and certifications to make students ‘employable’ in these times of shrinking academic budgets and increasing educational costs.

The Microsoft Ed–vantage program offers four levels that can be leveraged with Microsoft – each level of investment comes with key benefits going from Basic to Silver, Gold and Platinum, for which the core benefits include:
–The Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are eligible for a certain amount of key benefits per the level such as Industry connections for internship & employment opportunities and Microsoft’s Academic Alliance certification & recognition
–The Platinum level is eligible for on campus Microsoft’s Innovation Center
Additional benefits include:
–The Basic benefits include DreamSpark activation keys to students, “How to leverage Microsoft” on campus session, Free O365 subscription to students;
–Silver includes on campus hands on “technology / productivity foundation” workshop;
–Gold benefits include invitation to annual faculty summer camp at Microsoft; and
–Platinum gives an invitation to annual faculty summit by Microsoft Research.
Their eligibility to get these benefits against the four levels is based on the core principles of genuine software, embracing campus agreements and providing a sound content and platform for IT certifications by students and the depth of each of these investments.
The Microsoft Ed–vantage intends to impact several technical and non-technical colleges and institutes throughout India. To be eligible for any level, the participants must have genuine Microsoft software.
(Source: Microsoft Press Release)

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