McAfee warns Facebook users to be careful on Spam | Hackers targets Facebook accounts

Hyderabad: The next time when you are opening any mail, seen as it from Facebook, be careful about it. The deadly computer hackers now targeted World’s number one social networking site Facebook users community. According to Internet security solution company McAfee, some user of the Facebook were receiving e-mails, that appeared to be from the Facebook. This malicious mail prompts users to reset the password by clicking the attachment. According to McAfee alert, the attachment in that mail is actually a password grabber. When a user clicks on it, it can access any username and password combination on that computer. It is not just Facebook information, but almost all ID’s and passwords may be stolen from the users computer.
These hackers targeted nearly 350 million Facebook users. The malicious mail subject line reads: “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Support.”
Computer Security experts of McAfee advised anyone receiving the password-reset message to delete it and to not open the attachment.
Facebook is the biggest social networking site with huge user base and hackers frequently targeting this site to steal the passwords of users.

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