Ma Foi Randstad India Employment Trends | Survey Results | 16 lakh New Jobs to be created in 2011 | Health Care, Hospitality and Real Estate sectors to lead

Hyderabad, March 31: The organized sector in India is set to create about 16 lakh new jobs in the year 2011, according to a latest survey by recruitment consulting firm Ma Foi Randstad. The survey on India employment trends named as MetS is the largest study on the country’s employment trends and opportunities.

The survey indicates that Health Care, Hospitality and Real estate sectors would lead the Indian job market in the current year.

According to MEtS, the survey of 650 companies across 13 industry sectors in eight major cities indicates that most employers are optimistic with their hiring plans for the current year.In early 2010, MEtS predicted creation of 1 million jobs for the year.

About 1,131,643 jobs were created during the year, with Healthcare (254,655), Hospitality (160,300) and Real Estate (129,312) sectors leading the pack.

The three metros – Mumbai, Delhi & NCR and Chennai took the top three places generating a total of 255,797 jobs.

In 2011, Healthcare sector will continue to top the table and is expected to generate 248,500 new Jobs. In addition to top performers like Hospitality (218,200), Real Estate (144,700) and Media & Entertainment (126,100), Manufacturing – Non-Machinery Products sector is expected to perform well, creating 223,400 new jobs. Mumbai, Delhi NCR & Chennai will retain their top slots generating a total of 273,634 jobs among them.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Mr. E. Balaji, MD & CEO, Ma Foi Randstad said, “The changing market scenario across the globe and the growing significance of emerging markets like India & China has led to many global corporates including these countries, in their growth and workforce strategies. This will have a positive impact and increase our growth momentum.”

City wise employment as per the survey:

·         The employment growth in Ahmedabad is expected to be stable during 2011 and the city is expected to generate 7,527 new jobs.

·         The expectation reported by companies in Bangalore suggests further growth during 2011 and the city is expected to generate 20,794 new jobs.

·         Positive momentum in job generation is expected in Chennai and the city is expected to generate 68,134 jobs in 2011 and be the third largest new job generator in the country.

·         New Delhi & NCR is expected to generate 102,616 new jobs in 2011 making it the second leading city in new Job generation in the country.

·         Many sectors have shown substantial growth in employment in Hyderabad and the city is expected to generate 13,489 new Jobs in 2011.

·         Hiring activities have remained stable in Kolkata during fourth quarter of 2010. Similar growth is expected during 2011 with the city expecting to generate 31,759 new Jobs.

·         Mumbai is expected to retain its number one position in 2011 too. The city is expected to create 102,884 new Jobs in 2011.

·         Pune is expected to generate 14,720 new Jobs in 2011.

The structured analysis was administered by India’s leading economic research firm Indicus Analytics using a quick industry analysis to ascertain the various forces that are working on companies that are affecting their intentions to hire.

The Industry wise trends available at blog section.

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