KBC 5 Five Crore Rupee Question for Sushil Kumar of Bihar

KBC 5 Five Crore Rupee Question for Sushil Kumar of Bihar | KBC 5 crore rupees episode

Hyderabad, November 2: The Five Crore Rupees Question that has given Five Crore Rupees to Sushil Kumar of Bihar.
A common men from east Champaran District of Bihar is now a Crorepati. With his fair and bold expressions, Sushil Kumar simply grabbed the Wednesday show of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5th edition -KBC 5. It was an emotional scene on television screen, when Sushil Kumar receiving a 5,00,00,000 check. It was touchier, when a person, living with mere 6,000 salary counts the zero’s of the prize money check with humble gesture. Host Amitabh Bachan was touched by the feelings of the poor Bihar family and hugged the family members with love and affection.

Sushil Kumar, who crossed 50 crore rupee level without using any life line, used his choice by selecting expert advice given by Pankaj Pachuri, Executive Editor n NDTC group. Even, for the five crore question, he has used life line to make sure to win the prize money.

The question that has given 5 crore rupees to Sushil Kumar on KBC 5

Which colonial power ended its involvement in India by selling the rights of the Nicobar Islands to the British on October 16, 1868?
a) Belgium
b) Denmark
c) France
d) Italy.
The answer, that has given five crore rupees on KBC 5: Denmark.

Sushil Kumar is the first person, who won the five crore rupees on KBC.

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