Kapil Sibal says All-India common entrance tests for all professional courses by 2013

HYDERABAD: Union Minister for Human Resources Development Kapil Sibal said here on Saturday that the Union Government was mulling  conducting common entrance tests for each of the professional courses at all-India level by 2013.
This would ensure abolition of admission tests by various institutes and also States for the courses. The Government of India was also consulting various States to convince them to adopt this system.
The minister said that the Government was also considering introducing a four-year B.Ed course.
Addressing a press conference here after addressing a conference of the vice-chancellors of different central universities, Mr. Sibal said that a core committee of seven VCs was formed to consider issues such as inter-university student transfers, common entrance tests for professional courses after class XII and optimum utilisation of assets of universities.
The core committee would study the issues for three years and submit a report to the Government on its findings and also make recommendations. Mr. Sibal said that the core committee would finalise the modalities for the four-year B.Ed course too. The intention behind forming the committee, which would meet once in every four months, was to provide greater autonomy to the universities.
The Cetral Universities could consider introducing courses under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) for optimum use of their assets which were lying unused.
The university assets, which were public property, should be fruitfully utislised. If some universities had instruction hours only during the morning hours, the assets would remain waste for the rest of the day.
Therefore, they should design some courses to use the facilities that were created. This would fetch some revenue for the universities.
He said the central universities could recruit teachers at all levels including professors, by dispensing with the current system of keeping assistant professor post as the entry-level position.
Earlier in the day, some students tried to interrupt the meeting of the minister by raising slogans in favour of Telangana and against the Congress.

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