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Hyderabad, March 16: As the global education trends are fast changing the collaboration between renown university with Indian institutions also growing. In a step towards that direction, OP Jindal Institute of Technology and Skills based at Chhattisgarh has entered in to a pact with US based Montgomery College and USIEF, for faculty/student exchange programme and development of curriculum.

The Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the United States Department of State has awarded Montgomery College a $195,000 grant to launch these initiatives in a phased manner. Montgomery College has partnered with the US India Education Foundation (USIEF) Fulbright Commission on the grant implementation and with OP Jindal Institute of Technology and Skills on other essential operations.

As part of the first phase, a National Symposium on Strengthening Workforce Development in India for the Global Economy is being organized from March 14-15, 2011 here. The two-day National Symposium on 21st Century Community Colleges provide a unique opportunity to examine how the American community college model can be adapted to prepare a high-quality, market-driven workforce from among the Indian youth.

As part of the second phase, Montgomery College, in collaboration with USIEF, is also partnering with three leading post-secondary educational institutions in the country – the foremost being the OP Jindal Institute of Technology and Skills in Raigarh (Chhattisgarh), the Guru Gobind Singh Government Polytechnic and the Industrial Training Institute in Kurukshetra —  in order to develop the tertiary education sector in India. The partnership entails workforce development curricula in automotive technology, construction management and building trades.

Source: Press Release

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