IT Jobs | TCS offers 5,500 jobs to freshers from 42 engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh via campus recruitment

Hyderabad:  March 28, 2011:  Tata Consultancy Services Ltd has offered 5,500 jobs to engineering students from 42 colleges in Andhra Pradesh via campus placements for 2011-12, the company said in press release.

The company is launching its first learning and development centre tomorrow for campus trainees in Hyderabad.

The new center is equipped to train 6,000 professionals in a year.

It will offer TCS’ industry ready curriculum over three months to those who join the company directly from colleges.

Some of the key industries being served in Hyderabad by TCS include Banking, Financial Services, Securities, and Insurance (BFSI), Telecommunications, Hi-tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life sciences, Government and Education, Energy and Utilities and Retail and Distribution.

At lest 17,500 professionals are working for TCS in Hyderabad.

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