ISB Scholarships | Indian School of Business doubles financial support for class of 2013

Hyderabad, October 11: In a move to support the management students, Indian School of Business has doubled its scholarships for incoming class of 2013. After the move, the total scholarship expenses goes to 8 crores from 4 crores earlier.
Through this increased outlay, one in every seven students studying at the school will receive scholarships of 25%-50% of the total tuition fee. The scholarships will be awarded on both merit and financial need basis to outstanding students, selected on the basis of exceptional academic and professional performance as well as personal qualities such as leadership, integrity, and community service.

Entrepreneurial support with ‘Develop India’ Scholarship

In addition to the above mentioned scholarships, students who aspire to start their own ventures also get support through the ‘Develop India’ scholarship. These scholarships are offered to aspiring entrepreneurs whose ideas are being incubated under the Entrepreneurs Development Initiative (EDI) at the Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (WCED) of the ISB. The scholarships cover the students’ loan EMI amount up to a period of two years.

Other Corporate Scholarships

Apart from the ISB scholarships, several organizations such as Citi Foundation, Novartis, IBF, Talentia, La Caixa and Casa Asia provide a wide array of merit and need-based scholarships. The Novartis scholarship is specifically offered to encourage women students from small towns, while the Citi Foundation scholarship has been one of the longest running scholarships being awarded at the school.

Now in its tenth year, the ISB’s Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) is expanding to be delivered in two locations – Hyderabad and Mohali. The intake for the next class will be for a single programme, across the two campuses. The combined class size is expected to increase from 560 to 770. Following ISB’s unique portfolio faculty model, top visiting and resident faculty will impart cutting-edge management practices at both locations. The two campuses will operate as a unified entity, with the same commitment to world-class programme design and delivery, and by effecting a seamless integration through inter-campus exchanges and virtual connectivity. The Mohali campus will also house four institutes focusing on the areas of Public Policy, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Management. Admissions are now open for the Class of 2013.

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