ISB begins class of 2012 with achievers in the league

Hyderabad, May 18: The Indian School of Business (ISB) announced the start of the academic year for its Class of 2012. The Class comprises 573 achievers representing diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

The ISB encourages professionals from every background to join its Post Graduate Programme. Students come in with prior experience in functions like Sales and Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Architecture, Operations, Consulting, Research, Advertising, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Technology, etc. There are also niche profiles from the Armed Forces, Practicing Doctors and Surgeons, Entrepreneurs, Civil Servants, Fashion Designers, Shipping Crew, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and Journalists among others. All this leads to an extremely dynamic and challenging class environment that is highly conducive to learning. The average work experience of the class is five years, and the average age is 28 years. The average GMAT score at 712 is comparable to some of the top global B-schools.


Highest Percentage of Women


The ISB has 167 women students, comprising 29 % of the class. This is perhaps the highest percentage among leading B-schools in India.  The ISB is committed to increasing the number of women students in the class making it on par with global standards. This is aligned with the ISB’s endeavour to increase the representation of women in business leadership. Over the years, women have performed exceptionally well in their careers, post their stint at the ISB.


This year, the class has students from countries such as Italy, Spain, Russia, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Belgium, Nepal, Canada, United Kingdom and USA. The presence of students from such a broad spectrum of countries makes learning at the ISB a truly global experience. This cultural diversity enhances their learning about customs, management styles, and ways of doing business in their respective countries. About 25 % of the ISB students come with international work experience.

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