IMImobile and IL&FS Education partner to launch conversational English speaking program English Seekho on Mobiles in 7 languages

Hyderabad: Mobile technology company IMI mobile, leading education and training company IL&FS Education & Technology Services limited, today launched “English Seekho”, a special initiative to offer coaching in conversational English on mobiles. Introduced with an intent of teaching conversational English language to the non- native speaker, the “English Seekho” initiative will offer a complete ‘On the go’ learning solution. Of course, this application is not for free, but user has to pay a subscription cost of Rs. 30 per month and call browsing charge of 30 paise per minute.

The coaching content is available for users’ proficient with 7 Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Malayalam and it also provides its users grammar lessons through SMS.

IMImobile and IL&FS together have taken the initiative to cut down the communication barriers and make the learning experience sufficiently easy so that casual lessons enable a non-native English speaker to effectively pick up English. This most effective and interactive way to learn English language will  address the problems faced by non-native English speakers like junior level clerks, traders, unskilled laborers, frontline staff, taxi drivers, restaurant waiters, farmers and others who face problems understanding the English language and conversing in English.
IMImobile provides an immersive, innovative and highly interactive IVR lesson that allows users to learn and practice lessons as well. It also has a testing session at the end of each lesson ensuring a positive learning outcome.

English Seekho is a voice based learning solution focusing on learning spoken English for the non-native speaker. The course structure consists of 10 chapters and 44 lessons with one lesson per day of 5-8 minutes. The curriculum provides a special focus on interviews, getting jobs and on job training. The total length of the programme is of 350 minutes. The range of service offerings includes focusing on social English speaking on various occasion with various people, interactive IVR lessons as well as practice and recall sessions with multiple choice questions.

To use this application the user needs to call the IVR number and select the language of their comfort. After that they need to select the specific sub-sections of their choice.

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