IGNOU M.Phil./Ph.D. Entrance Exam 2013 Syllabus | IGNOU Pre-Ph.D. exam syllabus for 2013

IGNOU M.Phil./Ph.D. Entrance Exam 2013 Syllabus | IGNOU Pre-Ph.D. exam syllabus for 2013

Hyderabad, 10 September 2012: Indira Gandhi National Open University scheduled to conduct M.Phil./Ph.D. Entrance exams for 2013 session on 29th September 2012. The eligible candidates list will be displayed on IGNOU website on 17th of this month. IGNOU also placed the links of syllabus for M.Phil./ Ph.D. entrance exam. Candidates can check the syllabus of their relevant subjects on IGNOU website. One more Important news for M.Phil. Candidates: Candidates those who have enrolled for M.Phil. can also apply for IGNOU Junior Research Fellowship.
1. Syllabus for Ph.D ( Agri. Extension) Entrance Exam
Agricultural production in India.Resource use in agriculture.Technological development in areas of crop production, horticulture, animal husbandry and fisheries.Cropping pattern and Agro-climatic zones. Biodiversity, agricultural credit, agricultural insurance, rural financing institutions, network of agriculture education and research systems, Cooperatives, Farmers Organizations, Non Government Organizations and Self Help Groups.
Diversification in agriculture.Agriculture industry interface.Agro-processing and rural industrialization.
Definitions, principles and philosophy of Extension Education.Historical and emerging perspective of Agricultural Extension in India.Extension System in India and its linkages with National Agricultural Research System. Extension approaches. Types and levels of learning-cognitive, affective and psychomotor.Principles and theories of learning.Nature, importance, elements and levels of effective communication.Modes, process and media of communication.Communication effectiveness and credibility.
Methodological issues in communication research. Theories of diffusion and adoption of innovations.Characteristics of various extension teaching methods, factors influencing their choice and use.Selection and appraisal of audio-visual material.
Concept, uses and abuses of evaluation.Methods, procedures and principles of evaluation.Objectives, types and designs of social and educational research. Hypothesis: meaning, types and qualities of workable hypothesis. Selection of research problem, types of variables, testing of hypothesis, types of research design, descriptive and survey research, parametric and non-parametric statistics.
Functions of management in extension organizations. Organizational structure, authority and power, span of management. Managerial skills: nature and importance for extension professionals. Total Quality Management ( TQM) and the concept of learning organization to improve extension services at various levels.
Classification of media and their uses. Philosophy, objective and principles of programme planning. Concepts and approaches of personnel development. Human resource development: concept, dimensions, needs and priorities. Strategic interventions in HRD, HRD policy of Govt. of India(GOI), State development department, ICAR, SAUs and selected NGOs. Training typology, training approaches and strategies. Concepts, philosophy, genesis and principles of farmers’ education and training. Selection of trainees, assessment of training needs. Developing training modules.Concept of adult education and rural youth development. Adult learning needs, orientation, motivation and behaviour. Entrepreneurial characteristics and management skills. Agricultural entrepreneurship development, government policies, enterprise management, gender issues in entrepreneur development abilities, assessment and prospects, problems, value orientation.

Note: Syllabus for other subjects are available in http://www.ignou.ac.in/ website.

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    for mphill computer science is it requried to give entrance as i stay in saudi arabia if no please say me how i should enroll for 2013 session
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