HCU | UoH| Hyderabad Central University| Y.V. Reddy made complex monetary policy simple…for UoH students

Hyderabad: Yaga Venugopal Reddy, (Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and Emeritus Professor at the University of Hyderabad)  the person who saved India from  recession with his visionary policy decisions at turbulent time in global economic  situation today tried his best to simplify the complex and critical monetary policy for University of Hyderabad students.  Today,  a lecture on the topic “Monitoring Indian Economy through Monetary Policy” was organized by the Department of Economics, University of Hyderabad on February 19, 2010.
Dr Y.V. Reddy talked about the importance of the document ‘Quarterly Review of the Monetary Policy’. He stressed on the fact that it is one of the well researched and up-to-date documents on the Indian economy, hence it is a good source for researchers, students and for general public who have keen interest on the subject.
The objective was to stir a discussion on the reading of the documents, he said “It is good to have an opinion, but the opinion based on the knowledge and the appreciation of the up to date data is more welcome”
Dr Y.V. Reddy gave a very brief over view of the quarterly review of the monetary policy and then it was followed by an interaction session where the students and faculty posed questions related to the impact of monetary policy on various pressing issues such as the inflation, fiscal deficit, Gross Domestic Growth rate etc.

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