GRE Trends | India participation in Graduate Record Examinations 2013 up 70 per cent on year

GRE Trends | India participation in Graduate Record Examinations 2013 up 70 per cent on year

New Delhi: Graduate Record Examinations or popularly known as GRE Trends showing that the interest for the participation in this global test is growing up. In India, for 2013, the total number of participants had gone up by 70% to 90,000, according to a communication issued by ETS, the agency, which is conducting the testing services across the globe.
GRE is an examination, attended by the graduates to get the admission in to international universities and business schools. Many global educational institutions accepts GRE score as bench mark for accepting the admission of the students.

According to ETS on GRE Trends, 2013 has seen second highest annual volumes in the program by touching the 731,000 participants. The US participation has increased by 5% and students in Europe and Asia tested in record numbers vs last year. The global GRE participants volumes gone up by 30% on year. In Asia region, the growth was pegged at 35%.

GRE-Trends-2013Looking at the courses of GRE Trends, 36% students taken the test for business courses, 31% for engineering and Natural Sciences attracted 21% of the student interest.

According to ETS, GRE score acceptance around the world is also at an all-time high.

“The number of international programs accepting GRE scores increased by nearly 12% compared to 2012 and the number of business schools accepting GRE scores for their MBA programs has risen to more than 1,100, up 8% on year.

Currently, about 70 of the Financial Times Top 100 Full-time MBA Programs around the world and 29 of the Bloomberg Businessweek Top 30 MBA Programs in the United States accept GRE scores for their programs.
Source: ETS Press Release

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