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GRE | Graduate Record Exam | GMAC | B-School | ETS | analytical writing |

GRE ( Graduate Record Exam) has made changes in its exam pattern read on to know more…..

Understanding the main subject gains it weight yet in another test for the students who are aiming high, the GRE- Graduate Record Exam – conducted by The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), braces up to conduct this entrance test for the admissions in B-School. By this new pattern the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the GMAC believes that they will get talented students rather than the people who are rote learners. The new pattern of the GRE is to test the analytical ability of the student than to test what he/she remembers from his books which was the previous style of the test.

Taking into consideration of the need of people who think in an out-of-the-world style ETS, the developer and administrator of the Graduation Record Examination (GRE) has brought in a few though major changes in the exam pattern. ETS believes the new test will be more user friendly and flexible providing the test takers the freedom to use more of their own test-taking style and strategies.

The new format of the computer-based GRE general test will allow students to move back and forth throughout an entire section to change or edit responses, even skip questions and attempt them later — a feature which was  not available in the earlier format. One more aim for changing the format seems to be emphasizing on the reasoning ability of the student rather than to test him with what he /she would obviously have known.

Soon after, ETS entered the B-school market selling the product as an alternative to GMAT, as it no longer had to abide by a non-compete clause with its former partner. When ETS approached B-schools, the management institutions wanted GRE to be along the lines of an MBA aptitude test. As the earlier format tested the memory of the student more than their capability of reasoning, GRE must have thought of bringing about the changes,” says an expert.

With MBA programmes across the world looking for a diverse and excellent pool of candidates, B-schools have begun accepting GRE scores too, while the actual purpose of  GRE being to serve as an entrance exam to pursue their masters degree in US, and graduate and fellowship programmes across the globe.

Section Number of questions Allotted time
(One section with two
separately timed tasks)
One “Analyze an Issue” task and one “Analyze an
Argument” task
30 minutes
per task
(Two sections)
Approximately 20 questions
per section
30 minutes
per section
(Two sections)
Approximately 20 questions
per section
35 minutes
per section
UNSCORED† Varies Varies
RESEARCH†† Varies Varies
Source: ETS website


PREVIEW and review capabilities within a section
MARK and review feature to tag questions, to skip and return later
ABILITY to change answers within a section
ON-SCREEN calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section
LESS RELIANCE on vocabulary out of context, more emphasis on reading
NO ANTONYMS or analogies

According to the revised format, the overall testing time is about three hours and 45 minutes. There are six sections in the revised test — one analytical writing section with two separately-timed writing tasks; two verbal reasoning sections; two quantitative reasoning sections and one un-scored section.

One more noticeable change in the format of exam is that an on screen calculator will be available to the students for the quantitative reasoning test, a step taken so that the concentration lies completely on the quantitative part rather than on computation.

The GRE revised General Test is the most widely accepted and accessible graduate admissions test in the world. Today, GRE scores are used by thousands of graduate and business school programs worldwide, including more than 600 MBA programs. Each year prospective graduate and business school applicants from 230 countries and regions take the test.


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