Google Science Fair 2012 competition for students

Google Science Fair 2012 competition for students

Hyderabad, February 19: If you think differently, and have an idea that changes the future, here is an opportunity–log on to Google Science Fair 2012.

Google has posted a link on its search engine home page inviting young talent to present creative projects relevant to the world now.

Students aged 13–18 can participate in Google Science Fair 2012 in single or groups. All they have to do is to register on the Google Science Fair 2012 website, need to provide parental endorsement, to build project site and have to submit the final project.

Google has provided enough tips and do’s and don’ts to make it easily understandable and facilitate more participation.

They winning prizes will get exciting prizes include scientific trip to the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic Explorer, scholarships and real-life work opportunities in science centers of excellence like CERN in Switzerland.

A special Science in Action prize, sponsored by Scientific American also in the list. The topics covering in the Google Science Fair 2012 competition for students would be from biology, physics and chemistry to computer science.

For updates and registration for Google Science Fair 2012

Source: Google.

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