Google India Mapathon 2013 Registration opens from 12th February

Google India Mapathon 2013 Registration opens from 12th February

Hyderabad, February 7: If you are a Google maps lover and often using the maps to get the rout map for any destination, here is an interesting competition open for you. Google India is inviting enthusiastic people around India to participate in mapping competition Mapathon 2013. The Registration for the even will be open from 12th February and close on 25th March. Of course there is no bar on participation, every body eligible to login and join the event.

Mapathon 2013 is hosted to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps of India, Google India said in release.



Amateur mappers and mapping enthusiasts from all over the country can participate in Mapathon 2013. All you have to do is login, register and identify add your knowledge of local places through Google Map Maker. It may be hospital near you or a first aid centre or any academic institution…just find it near you or locate that you are so familiar but not identified by any mapper and mark with proper signage. For those who do this, Google is offering a chance to win Android tablets, smartphones, gift vouchers and Google merchandise for top 1000 mappers and editors.

To Register Mapathon 2013, interested mappers and editors can register at :

While doing mapping through Mapathon 2013, one can mark anything that is accurate, real in nature and useful to the community. Like local hospitals, schools, rivers, temples, and even petrol pumps can be useful to add, so that one can get the access to the information while in need.

And for those who don’t know much about Google Map Maker, but want to participate Mapathon 2013, relax, it is just an easy tool to use and navigate for maps. One can select a specific area on Google Maps and add new information based on your own local knowledge or by referencing Google Maps satellite imagery. With another click, you can save and submit your input — and once the submitted edit has been verified, the new information will be added to Google Maps.

According to Google India release, Google Map Maker was conceptualized in India more than 4 years ago, and ever since, it has provided a rich set of features for users to map with. The Mapathon 2013 is looked as a social event by Google and expecting more participation: For more details on Mapathon 2013:

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