FIIT-JEE launches preparatory course USA UNIQUEST for USA Universities admission tests

Hyderabad, February 17: IIT Foundation coaching expert FIIT-JEE today launched a specially designed training program USA UNIQUEST, aimed to prepare students for admission into various under graduate courses like B.Tech at USA Universities. The USA UNIQUEST is offered to students of 9, 10 and Intermediate first year students. According to the FIIT-JEE, the course may help the students to get the admission in engineering courses at prestigious US universities like MIT, Princeton, Caltech, Yale, Stanford and Harvard, which are ranked equally with IITs in India. Those who complete the USA UNIQUEST may compete in SAT-I and SAT-II, which is mandatory for USA admissions.
SAT test has been focused to test the student abilities in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math Level-1, Math Level-2 apart from TOEFL and Advance Placements (Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics, Biology.

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