Disaster Management now part of curriculum in Schools and Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

derabad: Government of Andhra Pradesh issued orders to incorporate   “Disaster Management” in the Social Sciences Curriculum of Classes VIII, IX, X & XI with effect from academic year 2011-12 in all the Schools and Intermediate course in the State. This is a step toward the dissemination of knowledge on disasters among the student community would reach throughout the State both in the rural and urban areas.

Andhra Pradesh has the longest coast line and the Telangana and the Rayalaseema  regions of the State  are  prone to frequent drought etc., due to adverse seasonal conditions; it is prone to disasters like Tsunami – the killer sea waves, cyclones, and floods.  The students who are the future citizens should have a better understanding of various disasters, their causes and impact and knowing the mitigation strategies.  So the students who are the future disaster managers should have a better know-how on handling disasters.  In view of the above, the inclusion of “Disaster Management” in the Social Sciences Curriculum in all the High Schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh from the Classes VIII, IX,X and   XI Class   of Intermediate Education is desirable as a unit in Social Studies.  The course should cover nature and types of disasters, need for their management, challenges and precautions  to be taken to mitigate the effects and related aspects of the Disaster Management.

The Secretary, School Education and Intermediate Education board will oversee the implimantaion of the orders.

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