DIET CET 2012 Initial Key by Experts

DIET CET 2012 Initial Key by Experts | DIET CET Primary Key with Answers | AP DIET CET 2012 Question Paper | Subject wise Key by eenadupratibha | Sakshieducation key

Hyderabad, July 16: The DIET CET 2012 key is now available for download. The much awaited Diploma in Education Admission Test or D.Ed test was held on Sunday and around 2.8 lakh students attended for the same.

As it was the practice for the many exams, for AP DIET CET 2012 also, popular news organisations Eenadu on its eenadupratibha and Sakshi on it Sakshieducation websites.

Though the initial key’s published by any entity or blog or site would be to provide a help to get an idea about the possible marks and rank estimates. Candidates should note that, this is not final, but to get a initial estimate. The final conclusion should be based on only the official key from DIET CET 2012.

DIET_CET_2012_ Key-1

DIET CET 2012 Key-2

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