CSR Activity | CA Technologies Celebrates HOPE School Graduation Day

Hyderabad, June 10: NASDAQ listed CA Technologies, the world’s leading independent IT management software company celebrated HOPE School Graduation Day.

This is the third year in a row when CA Technologies is celebrating the Graduation Day at their Hyderabad campus.

This year 20 students would be graduating to join the IICT Campus to pursue their education from grade V.

CA Technologies will continue to support their education throughout until they are employable.

In July this year, the CA Technologies HOPE School will have completed seven years of service to the local community, after CA Technologies, India Technology Center (ITC) in Hyderabad partnered with the HOPE Foundation in the summer of 2004.

HOPE School provides free English-based education, along with free books, uniforms, breakfast, and mid-day meals for the school’s 200 Lower Kindergarten to class IV students.


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