Business Process Outsourcing firm 24/7 Customer announces new career options on its 10th year

Hyderabad: Business Process Outsourcing firm 24/7 Customer announced a new career options on its 10th year of operations.
The homegrown BPO company, the new genre of career options with its “Intelligent Interactive Chat Services”.  Leveraging their suite of predictive customer solutions, 24/7Customer will be opening up new career opportunities within this industry that involve technology and interactive media. These careers are based on the new patented innovative customer contact management system that redefines the way a company interacts with its customers across devices, by transforming reactive contacts into smart interactions.  With this, the company also announced their plans to hire over 1500 employees by end of this fiscal year.
“We believe that we have created history through the various milestones that we have achieved so far. It has been our conscious effort to pioneer and innovate in our business domain – be it in the patent received for innovative customer contact management system, opening of delivery centers in new geographies, creating a niche in CLM space, creating business value for our customers and stakeholders or introducing innovative employee engagement programs,”  said PV Kannan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 24/7 Customer.  “All our corporate efforts have been directed towards our mission – to bridge the wide gap between consumer expectations and customer service technologies deployed by companies and enable consumers to experience the power of prediction in customer interactions, be it sales or service. Today, the launch of a new genre of careers in interactive and social media is the outcome of a similar focus,” he further added.
“When we started 24/7 Customer in the year 2000, BPO was a newly coined word/acronym in India.  Graduates being gainfully employed and having an opportunity to be part of the global workforce was an unknown concept. We are proud to have initiated a new trend in careers; today over 7 lakhs professionals in India are employed in the BPO industry.  In our 10th year of establishment, we are proud to announce and again set a new trend in careers with the launch of the ‘Intelligent Interactive Chat Services’,” said, Shanmugam Nagarajan, Co-founder and Chief People Officer, 24/7 Customer.
24/7 Customer manages over 120 million transactions per year and more than a million transactions are based on predictive transactions.  24/7 Customer has grown organically in the last 10 years and extended its presence to UK, Australia and Canada apart from the United States.  The company has over 30 industry awards and recognitions in its impressive portfolio.

Source: Press Release

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