State Bank of India Education Loans Information

State Bank of India Education Loans Information | SBI Education Loans | SBI Group Loans | Interest Rates on Education Loans

Public Sector State Bank of India is offering flexible education loans to the student community. Being the largest and state owned bank, SBI is offering lower interest rate and hassle free education loan facility to the students who wish to complete their higher education.

Education Loans by any bank is subject to certain conditions imposed by Reserve Bank of India. As per the current norms, banks should lend up to 4 lakh rupees to the student without any collateral security for his education in India. Parents and students should note that education loan by any bank doesn’t cover the entire expenses, but tuition fee and other academic related fee including transportation.

The interest rate for SBI Education Loan is again depends on the BPLR of the bank, which may be changed time to time in line with RBI’s monetary policy. The associate banks of the State Bank group also follow’s similar norms that were in place for SBI to sanction Education Loan.

For more information on Education Loans offered by SBI, visit the bank’s official website:

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