University of Hyderabad to launch Bol Hyderabad 90.4 fm campus radio

Hyderabad, August 14, 2011: University of Hyderabad, recently ranked among the top ten universities in India by India Today has one another feather in its cap. The reputed educational center all set to launch its own campus fm radio – Bol Hyderabad 90.4 fm. According to University communication, it will be a campus-based community radio station located in University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli.

Besides catering to the university community, the 90.4 fm station broadcasts all year round in English, Hindi, Telugu & Urdu to cater to the communities in its surrounding areas (in a 15 km radius of Gachibowli).

Bol Hyderabad’s community is extremely diverse, encompassing university students, civil servants, educationists, IT professionals, scholars and farmers.

The radio concept was designed to provide access & participation platform for all young people to participate in its programs.

The Radio station activity will be guided by a Radio Advisory Council (RAC). In keeping with the spirt of the radio station, the RAC has members from among the university community and also those residing around it. It  involves schools, institutions of higher learning & representatives of the communities.

The Department of Communication, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication is the custodian of the radio station for all practical purposes. Bol Hyderabad has a Station Co-ordinator who takes care of the day-to-fucntioning of the radio station in terms of programming, production, scheduling, promomotion. A Faculty In-charge from the Department of Communication oversees the functioning of the radio station. Every programming staff is accountable to the university & the community that the radio station caters to.

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