Students uproar in Andhra Pradesh over de-recognition of 44 Deemed Universities including 4 of the state

By Saketh
Hyderabad: Students in Andhra Pradesh under shock by the centers decision to de recognize the 44 deemed universities run by private managements. Attracted by the infrastructure and new age education methods and approach, many students in the state slowly joining deemed universities. Andhra Pradesh is a key destination for the educational institutions located in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka too. Many private universities use to conduct student recruitment sessions in Andhra Pradesh. But, union human resource ministries decision to de recognize them created shock waves among the students and parents who spent good amount of their hard earn money on their wards future. Even though Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal assured continuity of education year of the current batches of those 44 universities, students are still in fear, what will happened to their future. It was estimated that, nearly 8,100 students were studying various courses across the country in deemed universities.
Interestingly, some deemed universities in Andhra Pradesh were got national level accreditation’s, research grants, good ratings and many credentials for its academic excellence and commitment.


Students and parents are now posing questions:
– If center is in a mood to not allow the private deemed universities, why they have given permissions.?
– On What basis did this de-recognition happen?
–    Is Union Government not concerned about the infrastructure and investments made by private managements?

This is what student community searching for answers. The government is citing empowered committee report as a main reason for this hasty action. But, are really served any notice to the universities and took their view, before announcing this decision. The answer is almost NO. There is need to say big NO to education business, but sinking the boat in a midway no way helps the society.  Government should have think before giving permissions, instead of doing experiments like this.

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