Rank wise Revised EAMCET 2009 Engineering Colleges Online Web Counseling Schedule

Hyderabad: This for the attention of EAMCET 2009 engineering rank holders. The Andhra Pradesh State Higher Education Council has announced revised EAMCET online web counseling schedule. This is due to the problems faced by the students while login in to the websites and server crash and other technical issues. Here is the revised schedule.


Date (August-09)             RANK

3-5                                          1 – 25,000
6-8                                          25,001 – 55,000
9-11                                       55,001 – 85,000
12-14                                     85,001 – 1,20,000
16-18                                     1,20,001 – 1,60,000
19-21                                     1,60,001 – 2,10,000
22-25                                     2,10,001 to till last rank.

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4 thoughts on “Rank wise Revised EAMCET 2009 Engineering Colleges Online Web Counseling Schedule

  1. joshana

    i have a doubt in councelling.during allotment of seat if i require 20th priority though i get 10th priority what should i do.

  2. sai Post author

    As per the web counseling norms, once seat allotted, its final. But, as a chance, try to contact your help line centre on this issue. they may suggest you some alternatives.

  3. srinu

    my dear frds can u tell me …….wen will be the second web counseling..to apply for counseling..plz help mee..as soon as possible ..i am waiting……..

  4. jarabani anvesh

    sir, i have a doubt in web councelling ,final phase wether i can get a seat in second councelling in which a student has got a seat in first councelling who secured the rank more than my rank ?

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