Pongal Holidays may not be cheerful for AP students this time

Pongal Holiday may not be cheerful students in AP |  Pongal Greetings | Sankranti Messages

Hyderabad, January 10: The students from Andhra Pradesh this time are may not be that cheerful during this Pongal or Sankranti festival season as they were earlier. Due to the pro and anti Telangana protest and bandh hit the holiday calendar in the state and schools and colleges are now not in a mood to declare Pongal holidays not more than three days.

Pongal would be a 10-12 days holiday season for Andhra Pradesh students normally, but this time it will be different. During the Oct-Dec quarter, students lost almost 40 working days due to agitations for separate statehood. This was largely effected the academic sections besides industries in the AP.

Though Pongal was not a main line festival for Telangana region, people of Andhra region celebrates it with big enthusiasm. Pongal greetings, messages and cards are a usual feet in electronics world. The Famous Kodipandalu is a feet to watch for many. However, this time it would be limited to not more than three days as schools and colleges are working except those days.

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