Orkut to launch new tools to make social networking more easily

Hyderabad:  Orkut, a social networking platform created by search engine major Google launched new tools, which makes communication with different groups of friends easy, just like in real life. The new feature will be functional from this week itself.  Orkut now gives users even more control for sharing photos, videos and scraps with an algorithm that suggests contact groups based on user preferences and interactions

Orkut says, the new tool were the answer to a long-held and growing predicament of almost anyone who is active on a social network: how do I define and organize my groups of friends while sharing exactly what I want to — and just what I want to — with each of them, in an easy-to-manage way?

Orkut users can now decide to make their Christmas photos visible just for family (and not coworkers); invite college friends to a happy hour (and not friends from work); and share their favorite music videos with just those friends with similar tastes in music (instead of everyone on their profile).

“Orkut is continuing down the path of innovation with a complete transformation in product DNA that began just last year,” affirms Victor Ribeiro, Product Director for Google. “Not only do these changes let users connect with their social groups in a way that more closely matches real-life, but users will want to interact even more, now that they have more control over who has access to their updates than ever before.”

The algorithms behind Orkut’s updated platform suggest groups from each user’s existing contacts, based on that user’s interactions and connections. Users can freely accept, reject or edit group suggestions as desired. In addition, Orkut users can now create their own groups according to interests they define, making it possible to communicate in a manner that is as private and personalized or extensive and broad as the user desires.

“We’ve created this new functionality to give Orkut users more privacy and control over how they share content. They will now know with certainty whom they’ve authorized to see and interact with their information online,” says Mr. Ribeiro. “Innovating to match the ways users interact online, while maintaining strong privacy controls has always been a priority for us and will continue to drive every stage of Orkut’s evolution.”

The new functionality will be available to some users starting today, reaching availability to 100% of Orkut users worldwide by the end of the week.

Find out more on our Official Orkut blog at http://en.blog.orkut.com or sign up at www.orkut.com.

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