Official Key vs Private Key | some important issues to asses final cut off

Hyderabad, May 22: Many students busy in searching solutions or key after finishing their entrance test for professional college admissions. It may be out of anxiety to know the estimated rank or score to get an idea about the possibility of reaching the cut-off range. But, one must know that there is lot difference between official key and solutions provided by private institutions. There are hundreds of solutions hosted on Internet across the country for IIT-JEE. There recent observation revealed that, there is at least 30 marks difference between one key to another. Now, students, who are in hurry and excitement may get more depress if they follow wrong key. So, it is always safe to wait for official key, rather than making a judgement based on unofficial solutions or key. Private institutions always try to be in lime light for their popularity and we can’t blame them for accuracy. If one has to follow that, it will be just for an initial idea. Candidates and their parents must always keep in mind that those keys are not final, there may be highest possibility of mistakes. Since most of the entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, EAMCET, WBJEE, RJPMT, KUCET, ComedK was over, it is time to wait for official key.

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