Job Market looks rosy survey gives hopes on 2010 for job seekers in India

Hyderabad: If anybody worried about Indian job market for 2010. Just relax. The recent survey conducted by some recruitment agencies given optimistic indication about the job market in the country. Despite fears of recession and economy slowdown across the globe, Indian job market seems to be rosy in the coming years. Online Job portal recent findings giving clear hopes on job prospects for this year. Among the people who were participated in the survey, majority of them optimistic and vibrant employment picture for the year 2010.
According to survey, over 70 per cent recruiters in Information Technologies, IT enabled Services; Auto, Telecom, Banking and Pharmaceutical sectors predict that the hiring will be robust in 2010.
Around 82 per cent recruiters say that professionals with 1 to 8 years experience will be in demand. There has been a distinct change in sentiment over the last six months. A similar survey conducted in July ’09 revealed that only 45 per cent recruiters had predicted creation of new jobs as compared to 72 per cent this time.

Hiring optimism is strongest in the IT and BPO sectors where out of the 257 recruiters who took the survey, 80 per cent indicated that new jobs will be created and almost 70 per cent employers predicted that the range of increments will be between 5 to 20 per cent. Recruiters in the Construction and Engineering sectors have also been very positive with 73 per cent saying new jobs will be created, 56 per cent predicting that jobs will be created in the 4 to 8 years experience bands and 68 per cent foreseeing increments in 2010.

While 53 per cent of employers in the Telecom sector indicated that increments might be dependent on market conditions 57 per cent of them said that new jobs would be created in the year 2010. Overall, a sector specific analysis clearly indicates an optimistic hiring trend across industries.

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