IIT Foundation Course at 5th Class level – Is it advisable-What is the solution?

IIT Foundation Course- a buzz word for the parents now. Many parents feel, they are missing something by not joining their children in IIT Foundation. Often parents sending mails on this, seeking advice on this issue. Recently, Helpdesk received one more mail like this.  Here is the gist of the mail.
“My daughter is studying in 5th class. She stood below 7 th rank in the class . I want to prepare her for IIT. Is it better to join in IIT foundation school, where both schooling& training is given or going for special institute like FIT JEE in addition to regular schooling.”  Please advise me.
(A mail from sarvarayudu_g@yahoo.co.in)
It is quite understandable… Parents always worried about their Child’s education and academic performance. Obliviously, some parents may become over cautious. This is all because of love and affection towards their wards.

Normally, IIT Foundation Course are advisable at 8th standard or above levels. Some schools are enchasing the craze toward the course, but by any standards of medical, physical or ethical…it is not correct to pressurize the child at pre-school level.
Helpdesk wants them to suggest the following few things for those parents, who are in a feeling that they are missing something, by not joining IIT foundation course.
In Sarvarayudu’s  mail, he mentioned that, She is already facing pressure to secure good rank in school. So, it is not advisable to burden her with more studies and courses….WHAT EVER.
We suggest you to find out the reasons for her lower performance (Infact 7th rank in School is not a lower performance.. but not up to the parents expectations.)
Here are some common reasons for some sort of back log in studies in school.
May be she is not able to understand the lessons.
May be teachers are not clearing her doubts.
May be some portion or lessons are beyond her capacity.
 These are the few reason normally students come under pressure. So, instead for putting more burden and confuse her, better try to improve her class room performance by attending her regularly, but not question her for the reason of her marks. It’s purely in the hands of parents and teachers.  Student is nothing to do in this. If both guide him properly by knowing his actual strengths and weaknesses, it is easy to tune the child to face any challenge.
 Coming to IIT Foundation, One should think about that once He or She improves naturally and get attracted to the IIT foundation course on their own. It is always good to think about IIT foundation at 8th standard onwards. Not before that. Before that, parents should focus on child’s overall attitude towards studies. Focus also should be on subjects like Math’s, Physics and Chemistry streams. If student is in Central Syllabus like ICSCE or CBSE, try to give an understanding on the state syllabus up to some extent. This will make child always confident and ready to face the next class without fear.
As IIT Guru Ramaiah garu suggests, text books are the best tools to the students to get prepared for IIT challenge. Focus should be on 8,9 and 10th Class text books too.
Hope you will help your daughter to improve performance.

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