ICICI Prudential Life offers rural education program in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad, July 31st, 2009: ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company has launched a unique education program christened – Pragati Ki Anokhi Paathshala or PKAP, offering a two-day progressive educational model for the rural students. PKAP aims to bring out the inherent creative skills amongst children and share with them some specialized and thought provoking learning methods.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company has successfully completed the module across 19 schools in rural Andhra Pradesh and plans to introduce PKAP to 35 more schools in the state in the coming months.
PKAP:A new approach to education
PKAP is a new age education concept where diligent methods are utilized to introduce certain value-based intellectual concepts to rural children that will further help them in their day-to-day lessons. The focus of this concept is towards developing some innate skills, teach some practical techniques and offer some performance enhancement skills in an interesting and fun-filled manner.
PKAP is divided in four parts:
* Memory Enhancement: Visual & Interactive games
* Communication Skills:
* Tricks and Training:
* Arthyudh
PKAP: Approach & Strategy
The approach of PKAP is multidimensional, which will empower the children with meaningful academic involvement at various levels. In order to deliver the complex nature of these transcending educational methods in a simple yet effective manner ICICI Pru life has brought together a group of trained teachers and experts who have a proven track record.
PKAP has been designed as a two-day applied and interactive module. This programme will target around 25-50 schools in each state. The programme will be undertaken across key states such as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan.
Day 1 of PKAP is dedicated towards exposing the rural kids to various learning methods and is divided into 3 modules. The Memory enhancement module comprises of visual and interactive games like card games and memory slate games which will help the children to sharpen their memory and improve their observation skills.
Good communication skills being a vital requirement in todays professional and personal life, the second module addresses the same. Under this module, the students are taught easy methods to remember homonyms (helps in differentiating meaning of various sounds), teaches correct usage of prepositions through a fun filled session where the children are asked to enact words (to communicate the exact message).
The third module is called the ‘Tricks and Training’ which polishes mathematical skills through vedic math techniques (speedy math) and helps solve difficult problems through logical reasoning methods. This module will assist the child to crack scholarship tests conducted at the state level.
On Day 2,  Arthyudh, an exclusive interactive session of the Paathshala is organised for parents. Parents are briefed about the activities conducted with their children and are also presented with a comprehensive work-book for their children to continue with their training exercises. In the session, parents are also educated about the need for financial planning for their child’s future educational needs.
Source: Press Release

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