How to Select a Best School?, some key pointers

It is a big question  for every parent. For their loved ones future, parents never hesitate to spend any amount. But, always there was confusion on the issues like what should be looked in to, before selecting a best school. Is it school building, academics, fee structure, teachers or any other important factor to consider?

We use to get hundreds of mails from the parents expressing their apprehensions on the academic system of schools and teaching methods. The mails from India or abroad, the concern are the same. Which is the best school in your city?.

The basic question is how to select a school? What is the criteria to follow to select good school.? Is there really any bad school-good school exists.?

In fact, academic experts, psychologist takes a different view. There is no good or bad school around you. There may be some less amount facilities and some may have more attractions. On the whole, parents should look the credentials of the school based on the certain parameters. That too based on the age of the children, class, syllabus and finally financials.

Many may differ the argument that, the age of the ward is the key factor to select a school. But, its absolutely correct. Key pointers to select a school at Kindergarten level:

1. If your child is below 3 years, pleas don’t join the child in any school. Not even in a play school. This is a scientific advice. Every parent should follow. If parents are working class, look for alternatives to guard the child and play school is not the place. Reason, if child is below three years, his physical and mental stamina doesn’t allow him to accustom the schooling. It may not be visible and truly speaking, parents have no time to observe the strain symptoms of those. But, child will differently get strain if he is below 3 years.  Based on the various scientific studies and recommendations, governments also taking this issue seriously and
asking all school to adhere the rules and not to take any children below this age.

2. If child is above 3 years, and still looking Good School. The first and foremost qualification of that school should be close to your house. Avoid transportation to the child and try to get one school near by you. Don’t run behind branding and fancy names of schools. At the age of 3-4 years, Kindergarten stage, there won’t much difference in education and schooling systems in branded and un-branded schools. One has to look on only one point, that is strain. Here also, you are helping your loving one by joining near by school. Imagine, your child travels 15-20 km of distance at the age of 3-4 years just to attend school in this polluted traffic. The amount of stress will eat your Childs liveliness. This is again a lengthy topic, but in conclusion, if you want to take better decision, please avoid distance and travel and search for a school, which is near by your home.

3. Another key point is hygienic environment. Check the classroom, drinking water facility, ventilation, overall environment of the school building and surroundings. This equally important and of course more important than academic credentials. Also checks if any medical, first aid assistance available or not. Don’t hesitate to clarify on the precautions that school management taking to avoid any epidemics. Finally, check the school health programme. If the school is having a regular health check up facility, add more points to that school.

4. One may question, why academic pointer has taken fourth place. Of course, it should be at 4 on the list of pointers to select a school. One thing everybody accepts, The child who is not strained, not under pressure and healthy only concentrates on studies. So, every parent should realize that,  Age, Distance, Hygienic conditions are the primary things to look and later the academic part.

Academic issues are very wide and need to take an informed decision. The syllabus plays key role. CBSE, ICSE and the state board syllabus are available options earlier. Now, as things are changing rapidly, schools started introducing Internationally acclaimed, accepted syllabus at Kindergarten level. If you have any comments, suggestions on Syllabus issue, pl. post here. You can also email it to :

The discussion and new articles on this topic will be added time to time based on the users feed back.

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