How to check-in Air India flights via mobile phone

Hyderabad, April 7: National Air carrier Air India has introduced mobile check-in facility for passengers travelling from six metro cities. Currently, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru passenger will enjoy this facility and later it may be extended to other locations and international passengers too.

A Stepwise procedure to use Air India’s Mobile Check-In:
1. Open URL
2. Select the desired option Check-in.
3. Provide the following details of booking (a) Booking Reference (5 digit PNR) and (b) Last Name.
4. The booking reference (PNR) along with the passenger name(s) and flight details will be displayed on the screen.
5. Select the flight number to proceed to Check-in.
6. Passengers will be promoted to select seat of their choice by clicking on the seat option.
7. If the passenger has an Advanced Seat Reservation (ASR) assigned, the seat number will be shown on the button, if not, the word “Select” is shown.
8. After selection of desired seat, passenger needs to enter mobile number and e-mail address for confirmation message delivery.
9. In the absence of a passenger’s frequent flyer information, he/she will be prompted to enter this, as part of the check-in process.
10. On completion of successful check-in, an SMS will be generated to the mobile entered by the passenger at the time of Mobile Check-in which will as… For Example: “Checked in AI439 26FEB seat 06D. Collect Boarding Pass at airport [URL]

Using this URL the passenger can display the Boarding Pass with 2D barcode on his mobile. The boarding card on the screen display will have all required details of the passenger’s name, date & flight number, sector, boarding gate, boarding time, seat number, class of journey etc.

Only one passenger could check-in through a single transaction. However, in case of multi-passenger PNR, where more than one passenger has to be checked-in, each passenger would need to check-in separately.

Passengers with Check-In baggage may also avail this facility. However, they will have to hand over the Check-In luggage to the dedicated baggage drop off counter, before proceeding for security check and boarding.

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