Horlicks Mission Exams 2011 | GSK sees marketing opportunity in exams stress | campaign to help the students from exam tensions

Hyderabad, February 10, 2011: Beginning the New Year, Horlicks has set out with yet another interesting aim at hand- to successfully fight examination stress. With Horlicks Mission Exams 2011, the brand is reaching out to more than 100 schools in Hyderabad through School Contact Programmes and workshops to help students manage examination stress and perform better.

The first leg of Horlicks Mission Exams 2011 kicked off today at Hotel Taj Deccan with a student workshop conducted by Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed, MD-Edumedia India. This was followed by an interesting panel discussion with parents and teachers led by Dr. Kalyan, MBBS; MD; MRC Psych (London) Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Behaviour Therapist & Child Guidance Specialist and Manohar Reddy, Chief Coach at HMV Cricket Club. The discussion revolved around the importance of keeping both mind and body fit during exams and the need for proper nutrition.

Puneet Das, GM-Marketing, GSKCH says, “We at Horlicks understand that exam time may be a challenging time for children and a lot of mentoring and counseling is required during this time to ensure that they are well prepared to handle the ‘exam pressure’. So, we empower the students with exam tips, nutrition advice and confidence building techniques, and also guide the teachers and the parents on how to be better mentors during this time.”

As part of the discussion, Dr. Kalyan delved into the details about stress management and the role of parents to help their children prepare better during examination days. He also spoke on the importance of nutrition for children during examinations. Manohar Reddy stressed on the significance of a healthy mind and body. The Q&A session was much appreciated by parents and teachers alike as many doubts in their minds were clarified and it helped them be better equipped with ways to handle examination stress for their children and themselves.

Source: Press Release

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