HIGHLIGHTS of Tata Consultancy Services-TCS Survey on Indian Urban School Children

Hyderabad: One of the Country’s largest software exporters and a Tata Group major Tata Consultancy Services has conducted a unique survey on Indian school children to the digital nativity and aspiration of the Young India. The survey was conducted across 14,000 high school children between the ages of 12-18 in 12 cities across India during 2008-09. 

Here is the some Highlights:

·        63% of urban students spend over an hour online daily

·        93% are aware of social networking

·        Orkut and Facebook are most popular online destinations

·        46% use online sources to access news; TV, Newspaper users at 25%

·        62% have a personal computer at home

·        1 in 4 students own lap-tops in metros; 2 of 3 own music players

·        IT and engineering remain overwhelming popular career choices

·        Media & Entertainment, Travel and Tourism are emerging careers

·        USA, UK top list of international destinations for higher studies

·        Bangalore is the blogging capital of India, with 66% of students being part of blogging / social networking scene, against 39% nationally

·        Bangalore (9%) kids are most attracted to Secondlife, MySpace, and Podcasting, highest in India

·        Bangalore has the highest (91%) iPod/ digital music player penetration nationally

·        Bangalore has the lowest number (15%) of students using newspaper for information access across all cities

·        33 % student,  highest nationally, get between 500 to 1000 as pocket money monthly

·        Bangalore leads the way on Orkut (47 %) usage nationally


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