Helpline: How safe Australia for Indian Students?

What is happening in Australia? Racism, hate against Indian community… is it repeat act of ill treatment that shown by some
cricket hero’s earlier?
every citizen in the society now feels shame by knowing and seeing clippings of Australians attacks on Indians.
Why this hate? Is it because of success that Indian students, cricketers, corporates scoring over the whites? Are we heading toward the global harmony or fueling fire o hate? These are the some of the questions bugling over the minds of academicians, thinkers now.
There is always a mad rush at one of the five star hotels in Hyderabad to get in to the exhibition of Australia education  department. The aspiring students, who want to build their career in Australia felt at the time of the admission that they are entering in to the safe place comparatively other western countries.
The impression, that given by some of the famous universities from Australia also improves students’ confidence to take admission in that country. But One goes through the one of the leading education group in Australia IDP’s website they find the information portraying their country as a safe heaven.
See some text here:
“Australia is very safe, with a low crime rate, political stability and a harmonious society. The incidence of robbery and assault is

relatively low and Australia has strict anti-gun and drug laws.
Australia is an open society, based on equality for all people. The Australian Government is democratically elected and is not ruled by the military nor based on religion. Australia is part of the British Commonwealth.”
But, in real terms, the recent racist attacks are proving that all these words are just marketing tricks to get the Indian students over there.

To read the Indian students mind in Australia, follow the below link:

Help line for Indian students:
Australia’s authorities launched a helpline to protect Indian students from racist attacks. Alerted by the series of attacks, the

Australian authorities launched 1800 helpline, which will take student’s calls and answers in English and Hindi.
This is the initiative of community members known as Police Indian Western Reference Group (PIWRG).

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